Sunday, February 15, 2009

easy spicy salt

for several months we have been getting these dry little peppers in our CSA basket and i have had no idea what to do with them. on a recent cooking trip to Donna's house from Morning Song, we found out what to do with them-make a super cook seasoned salt! it's easy and you do not have to have Donna's peppers to make it:
-take any variety of dried peppers, about 1 cup (not packed), just make sure they are dried.
-if they need some drying, the next time you make something in the oven, after you take everything out and turn off the oven and let the peppers sit in there on a baking sheet until the oven is cool.-put the peppers in a food processor and pulse for a while, couple minutes, DO NOT try to look down into the thing while blending over an opening to the blender-that's how you end up in a lot of pain. also, be careful when dealing with the powder after-it makes me cough.
-grab an old jar and fill 1/2 with sea salt. add a few tablespoons of the pepper mix, shake and try out, adjust depending on how spicy you like things.
i use this on EVERYTHING: dressings, on steamed veggies, dips...basically on anything that calls for salt. make enough of it and it makes a unique & quick gift.

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