Sunday, February 8, 2009

afternoon at Donna's garden

ever since we started doing the CSA program here at the store i have been wanting to go to Morning Song Farm to visit Donna and see where all of this food comes from. well this pat Sunday, Donna had a "farm work" day and i decided to go out there and sweat it for a bit.
Morning Song Farm is near Temecula in Rainbow County-i had never heard of it until i met Donna.
i was pretty surprised that Morning Song was a little hilly. Donna's house sits on the tops of a hill and it is there that her 4 llamas look out to the orchard and gardens. it's a pretty good workout to walk to the garden and back up to the house.
(the llamas were adorable!)
i honestly thought that we were going to be the only people there-hey Rainbow if far and people are busy. but my faith in the Island (LOST reference) was restored when i saw a good 10 people pulling weeds in one of the smaller gardens. we got to work, pulling weeds and them putting hay between the rows to help with the weeds-Morning song is CCOF organic-no pesticides.
(work-work, heave-ho!)
i have to say, this was such a great workout, and we got a lot done in the few hours that we were there. the best part was that i ate these amazing oranges on our way back to the car! we are hoping that Donna will make this into a monthly thing, if so i will report, i had a blast.

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