Sunday, July 4, 2010

we did it-part 2: Patchwork Long Beach-June 2010

on Monday, June 28th Nicole and i stood in the parking lot of the apartment homestead hugging each other.  although it was not like out hugs of youth when we would giggle and tickle and fall to the ground laughing, it was a "better than that" hug filled with inspiration, gratitude, exhaustion, appreciation and so much more (no tears, hold it together girl!!!!!)
after a back-breaking month of work we had just completed our 2nd Long Beach Patchwork event, where we saw RECORD crowds at Marine times, i took peeks at the seriously crowded walkways and i was kind of amazed...the event was more than a success.  what was even more amazing were the number of friends, strangers and vendors who simply came up to say, "thank you for doing this"... how completely gratifying and uplifting.

(Anarchy in the Garden- Adriana f-ing ROCKED her booth)

our dearest thanks to friends, sponsors and volunteers who have not only been vital to making a wonderful community event, but also for our growing friendship which is the best part of the job.
  • We Love LB: we love you and look forward to many more events and times together-can you move to SA so we can hang out more often?? :)
  • Anarchy in the Garden: had the best booth with gardening lectures, Adriana seriously brought her A-game!
  • Makers League of LB: Heather and her hubs Eric had the 2nd best booth with DIY projects and some serious cuteness.
  • food: Piaggio on Wheels, Tropical Shaved Ice and Fresh Fries were the nicest people and were rewarded with LONG lines for the entire day.
  • volunteers: every single one of our volunteers are just great people-they are the work behind Patchwork so make sure you give them a big thank you when you see them during the holiday shows (they are wearing green aprons with Patchwork logos!)
  • music: Deanna/Baby D really brought in the tunes, powered by solar, even with a hurting back :(
  • City of LB: for working with us to have a great community event
  • vendors: new and old-the support and help make Patchwork something that will "rock the kasbah" for more events to come (which we are planning so exciting holiday events already-cant wait!!)
here are some images of the day.
(cutest ever???-yeah i know!!!)

( Graham Street Press workin' it Patchwork-style!!)

(Bike valet-yes this is the only craft fair with bike valet in So-Cal-SUPER popular in LB)

(Shortnin Bread was incredible)

(Poster List-super nice and loved that he didnt need to drive far)

(Lana-the BEST-so great she is going to head the volunteers!)

(mas y mas crowds...)

Most of all: thank you to Niecy Nicole, a woman who is so much more than random. there is love that is more than words can say.
if you are wondering about more patchwork/craft fairs: i will be posting about more patch updates in the late Summer, for now- just relax and enjoy the warm weather!



thanks for all your guys hard work and passion for this show. here is to many more patches!!

we love you too!!! but sorry not enough to start we love sa ;) xo

Le Modern Trinket said...

Delilah, thank you for putting the events together... both you an nicole killed it! thank you!!


Adriana @ Anarchy in the Garden said...

I feel so honored to be a part of Patch. I can't wait for Fall Patch; count me in on Santa Ana... And beyond! <3