Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bottle project

over a year ago, Nicole and i went to a customers parent's house who were in so many words hoarders.  on about 3 acres of land they had amassed a number of odds and ends, mostly outside that had seen better days...but you never know what you will find.
besides a few metal goodies, we happened upon several pretty glass bottles and light fixtures that needed a bit of TLC-but they had potential, so i did what i do with most things i have ideas with: put them in the garage until i get sick of them and give them to someone else b/c i am too busy to do that "project" i was supposed to do with them.
not this time though. one of the gems that i found happened to be a case of these adorable soda bottles from The PoP Shoppe, a Canadian soda company that i thought was gone, but as you can see even has a Twitter account.
so i now have a case or so of these adorable bottles and i am trying to kind a way to make them into something functional...i would love some advice, here are some of the things i have been looking into.

-tiki torch: how adorable are these tiki torches, found this idea in a link from ReadyMade Magazine (of course)

-Design Sponge also had this super cute plant holder idea-SO INTO IT-but i must say i would rather use "not-as-cute" bottles for this project (attn: Anarchy-i see an idea for a workshop on tiny gardens!!!)

-drinking glasses: one of the first things that i bought for the shop were these cute glasses from Green Glass from various beer bottles-i have always wanted to make them myself from the other cool bottles i see out there-this might be a good option.

-a long time ago, i made a bottle tree in my garden in Irvine, this might be a great thing to have in Santa Ana too.

-but what i am leaning towards is making bird feeders from the bottle kind of like this one although i am looking at a few other examples.

i would LOVE any other suggestions or be continued...

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