Friday, July 23, 2010

the 127 yard sale: here we come!

finally got me a ticket for the 127 yard sale.
if you haven't heard of it or watched a Fine Living Network/HGTV show during August, the 127 yard sale  is the largest yard sale in the US.
how large??  how about over 600 miles large-this thing is from Alabama to Michigan (even longer than last year!), don't even try to challenge it-this one has you beat!

(just a blurry map of all the treasures that will be found!)

last year, i braved the heat, humidity and crowds with my mom.  we flew to Birmingham AL and started where the the route starts in Gadsden, AL (note: finding the actual start is not as easy as it sounds!)...we drove over 300 miles to Lexington, KY and learned a lot along the way (like you dont need to drive that much of the route for starters),  this year, we are planning something a little different-i also have some tips and some things to look out for b/c i am a little more organized this time
-staying in places with internet-checking first to see if they have it (dont assume)
-realizing that you may not have an ice cold beer at the end of the day so stock up before hand and bring it with you
- make a list of what you might be looking for and be focused
-make sure you download a boat-load of good radio-cause you might not like what you hear

This year, i am meeting my man who is driving from CA in a Yukon where we will get a trailer. knowing that i had the best deals in Kentucky and Tennessee i am flying into Louisville and from there we will head to Frankfort where we will head south to Chattanooga- our stops include:
Frankfort, KY
Danville, KY
Crossville, TN (this is going to be a long haul day)
Chattanooga, TN

Special note: if you are thinking about making this trip, please, please call to see if there are available rooms where you plan to spend the night-RESERVE the room!!  several of the smaller towns we wanted to stay in (like the Jordan Motel in Jamestown) were sold out...some places didnt have a single room in town available-save yourself the 50 mile detour and reserve one NOW or just stay in bigger cities and dont travel as far.

this year, i will be bring a few different cameras to take a collection of pictures of the awesome signs that make up this route.  i will be posting some of them on my facebook page when i get a chance.
any suggestions of what to look for??

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