Friday, November 20, 2009

an interesting Hollywood Farmers' market

NOTE: this was a post from a few weeks ago, but i could not find my camera plug and pix are a must for this one...thank you Chris (jedi master!)

i have been subbing for fellow Master Food Preserver Ernest for the past month and i have made a number of friends. the market is also a shopping destination of several celebrity sightings, which are always fun like: Booger (from Revenge of the Nerds), Gwen Stefani, and Top Chef Season 2 winner Ilan Hall just to name a few. this past weekend was certainly no exception!
as soon as we got there i saw a "just out of bed" in yellow sweatpants Alicia Silverstone who easily blended in with fellow shoppers and bought flowers from the Master Gardener next to me.

(in the yellow pants, making a bouquet)
then, out of the blue, came a personal hero and leading crusader of Slow Food, ALICE WATERS!! she was also at the flower booth, buying a ton of flowers for an upcoming event. what a treat! now Ernest and i met and spoke to her a few months back at a lecture and even gave her jam, i carry her incredible books at the store, this was a big deal to me. i took a photo of her shopping and hoped that we could get a photo later- which i did on her way back (PS she remembered the loquat jam we gave her!)-awesome lady!
next up is a little bit more difficult unless you like HBO shows. this took a little bit to figure out and then i realized that this actor was what i like to call, "one of the hotties from Deadwood" actor Titus Welliver and his Deadwood (and now on LOST-yeah what's up with his character??).
(remember him...Deadwood rocks!)
while at the Farmers' Kitchen, we also saw Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo..not too big for me-but he had on some patent leather Converse Hightops that where cute....doesn't seem like a big local foodie guy though.
had a great afternoon talking to people and meeting growers whom i have building relationships with exchanging my preserved goods for incredibly priced produce to can later-trade is going a long way and it is awesome to see it in full swing!
on our way home we visited our friend Felix, who is just moving into his new loft in downtown LA and where i will have a location for preservation classes for those who cannot make the OC trek. let me just say that i am THOROUGHLY JEALOUS of Felix's new base of operations for IV Group- his business that has come up with some amazing brunches in Santa Ana. here are some photos for you to be jealous of too.
(the inside of Felix's loft-awesome huh?)
(soon to be garden)
classes will begin every 1st sunday of the month starting soon-can't wait! more to come...

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Shari said...

I see your Alice Waters Photo!! Awesome! And it's a perfect place to have caught that. Wow!