Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Patchwork fair: the case of the sads now over

still trying to find my camera cord to upload pictures that will be blog posts (HELLO Alice Waters!) but i wanted to do a quick post of our latest Patchwork event b/c it has meant more to me at this time than ever.

as some of you know i have had a case of the "sads" (aka bummin'-aka depressed). maybe it is the weather, maybe it is the workload, maybe the economy, maybe i need to feel complimented as the saying goes rather than pissed that hard work becomes mimicked in blatant fashion...maybe it is everything in a hard to swallow taquito. even blogging has been something that i dont want to do as much as i love sharing information.
Patchwork Santa Ana, has grown so much over the past few years...this past show has brought me such pleasure not only seeing the record numbers turn out for the event, but really remembering 2 people-an aunt (me) and her niece (nicole of random nicole), sitting in a backyard in Irvine talking of manifesting a dream of her niece to have a craft fair in Orange County of all places.
my niece Nicole is more like a sister. in fact when people finally meet her they are shocked that this person i have talked about is really the same fact we are. only 5 months apart (please ask us for a family graph-this is our running joke!) we have always been raised close to each other and have spent our lives having a connection that is so similar to a dear friend from school. you know: may have not seen for a while, but as soon as you see them, you go back into your normal "way" of how you were back in the day...we just know each other.
our family heritage of OCD and workaholic nature really came to fruition this past sunday when our 5th installment of this dream not only took place, but rocked the kasbah as i like to say it. i may have been running around like a sweaty-dirty-crazy person, but i do it for a dream that has not only enriched and inspired my community and friends but truly makes me believe that when you put your mind to it- dreams really do come true.
(livin' the dream)
the sweaty-dirty-crazy person slept on the floor with her dirty-a** feet for 36 hours in the same clothes, no shower after another successful event-VIVA LA PATCHWORK!
(Mothers Market-a great supporter and friend!)

(peeps checking out local goods-LOVE it!)
PS there are more photos, just ask Nicole, the OC Weekly or some of the many other people who were able to take pix!

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Michele with 1 L said...

Patchwork was fantastic! You and Nicole do an amazing job. So much hard work goes into big events that people don't realize. Such little details that you painstakingly toiled over have finally come to fruition and it was great!!! I'm so excited for LB!!! Congrats on a successful event!