Sunday, November 22, 2009

gardening for the small space dweller-Harvest to Home

(awesome window display right?)

i just recently had the pleasure of meeting local garden entrepreneur Mike Saraylian who found me from customer recommendations saying that we should meet.
we instantaneously hit it off- not only being small business owners, OC natives, but have a passion for food and growing things.

(stands are optional, you can have them on the ground)(Mike watering the garden)
Mike owns the business Harvest to Home, a service that brings small hydroponic food gardens to people who either have very little room to grow food, or they lack the proverbial "green thumb". Simply pick which season goods you want to grow and Mike comes by with your little garden installed and you only have to water every few days. after 4 months of eating your bounty, simply return the box or choose the next set of food you want to grow and start again. easy?-YES, affordable?-YES, good for apartments/condos?-YES, eat better?-YES...what are you waiting for?-BEATS ME.
just last week, Mike came in and installed 3 boxes, we are so happy to be selling these wonderful garden gadgets! the best thing is that you only need to water every few days and into this small tube that irrigates your garden...think hydroponics.

if you want to see more, come by the store or visit Mike and his business here.

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