Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Tale of Two Book Lovers in a Small Space

so when a journalist and an English-Philosophy major live together, one thing is certain-a lot of books!


as much as i love them, i did NOT want to go the IKEA route with this venture...i think if you go over 30% IKEA pieces in the home, it ends up looking like the showroom.  so how do you manage 12 bookshelves of books??

over the years, I am starting to realize that my personal style is a cross between country/flea market mixed with industrial minimalist tendencies and a large scoop of cheap....i guess you can call it Industrial Folk-sale?  hopefully this will help me figure something out.

i LOVE this piece from Nobody & Co called the Bibliochase-gotta love the Italians. if i had the money i would buy this in a heartbeat! but the idea of storage and function is quite interesting....

(me want, me want now!)
(this ain't bad either...)

while looking for some inspiration, i stumbled upon this article in Design Sponge where this couple used galvanized steel shelving for their books-LOVE this idea and totally Industrial Folk-sale!

(boring now, but not in a little!)
most local hardware stores have these deals (now in jet black) for around $70 a pop, that is just as much or less than one you would find anywhere else-save a flea market/yard sale. they come in 6' and 4' so there is a little diversity as well.  but the one thing that makes this option perfect for us is the strength of the shelving-these shelves were meant for tires, tools and a crap-load of garage stuff...they can FOR SURE handle dictionaries, Thoreau, Art Spiegelman, Romantic poetry, the histories of various foods and a stereo-bring it!

i used the upper shelves of the cases to showcase some of our fave books, similar collections, tall colored glass and other cute pieces that softened up the hardness of the garage shelves.

(a 1/2' gap in the corner makes 2 of them fit quite nicely)

now, all was not completely solved with this solution.  for sure the double stacking of books solved at least 8 of the 12 bookshelves, but we still had to put about 20 cases of books in a large storage area in the bedroom and gustavo had to take some of his Orange County books (nerd!) to work.
one of the great things about the new kitchen was that it had its own closet/pantry which i turned into my little canning room. in there, i store all of my canning, cookbooks, canning pots and jars-perfectly out of the way and really easy to see what items i have-i love showing this little room off!


(a few more images...)


Rebel Girl said...

Love it.

Emmi Lawrence said...

We have a similar problem--one book lover, husband and two puppies in 600 square feet. I had to box up and store all but my favourites and cook books.

I love what you did with the rooms though, it looks great!