Wednesday, September 29, 2010

affordable art: roosters!

(just the feet!- by Liz Scott, a local gal!)

(art by Erica Harris)
 having chickens are becoming a pretty big thing these days, the eggs really can't be beat and they make great pets (my guy used to have one when he was young and always speaks fondly of her)...
unfortunately, here at the apartment homestead, chickens are not an option-there simply isn't enough room to fit them (and there are 3 wandering cats in the complex)-we simply need a yard for this.
but that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate chickens or the rooster which most people around here don't have b/c of the noise-though i actually like it a lot it's a better alarm clock than some screeching bell.

(super cute and country paper cuts by Rural Pearl)

so to compensate, we have brought the rooster indoors with art. we have a few items most of our rooster/chicken art is in the kitchen, some from friends shops and others that we picked up on 127.  I love the mix of old-school with new-school rooster art, they really compliment each other!

(this poster from VGoT is available at the shop!)

(i LOVE this collage idea from Sparklepants Industries-a great project to do with children too!)
(we used this flower pot with a rooster on it as a paper towel holder)

 (this is one of my favorite prints-very modern and so Industrial Folk-sale!-by Brigittes Haus)

(this fave print of ours was purchased at an art show at Avanti Cafe)

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