Wednesday, June 9, 2010

update on the root cellar

with everything going on, i totally forgot to mention how the root cellar was going!  this week i will have a special guest coming over to the house (a blog post soon-so excited about this!!) and she wants to see the root cellar-which made me realize that i hadnt posted my progress-and boy is it great!

(produce and some supplies)

what was once a dirty, smelly, scary and trash infested basement it now a fully functioning  food storage area.  although the room is small (about 5x5'), creativity and good organization made the space hold just about everything.
i split the room into 4 main sections which i wrote on the walls for easy organization: supplies, produce, dried goods and booze/fermented products. washed the walls vacuumed the floors and ceiling and installed shelving and hooks that were basically items that were left over from other projects at the store. paints were leftover mis-tints that were just sitting in the back-talk about affordable and efficient!  i have about 6 different kinds of vodkas going: limoncello, grapfruitcello, loquat, cherry, kumquat and pepper.  hopefully i can work on the vinegars after patchwork Long Beach.  but i do have a few new items in there: vanilla extract and bitters!!...but more on that later.

 (most of my canning items are on the opposite wall from the produce)

(booze and fermented stuffs!)

(dried chilies from New Mexico & dill from Morning Song Farm)

have a few more things to do for it to be finished-so you will be hearing about the cellar again soon.

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