Thursday, June 10, 2010

FAWUNK! Ball & i celebrate 125 years

in case you didn't know, this year is the 125th anniversary of the Ball Brand-you know the folks who make most of the canning jars we see (there is also Kerr, but i think Ball owns them now).
anyways, to celebrate the anniversary, they put out a collectors jar-a 1-GALLON jar.
Ernie so generously gave me one a few months back, but i keep thinking about all the things i can put into them-but i only have one!
someone got me a present yesterday-i got 2 whole cases-8 jars!!  check-check it out yo!

totally cute right? they dont close like normal jars with a ring and lid, but the top is one whole piece that vacuum seal-i love them!!
today i am going to make a batch of vinegar and kombucha to celebrate!  and guess where they are going to be hanging out!