Thursday, June 3, 2010

so why the break? what happened in may

(enjoying the view before our ocean voyage)

(i got a community pillar award from State Assemblyman Jose Solorio-pretty sweet!)

so you might have noticed there is a big gap in posting...i have been really trying to keep up with it but things got in the way and well, nothing for a month-what happened:
  • got my bi-annual body is, "quitting this bi#ch" and i was hit with a flu/cold something that as LL Cool J (thanks for the correction!) so eloquently said once,  "Mama said knock you out!"- i was basically on the floor for 5 days with no voice and missed 2 really great events that i still am mad about.
  • getting Ice Cubed when you have a small biz means that the 16 hour days you were pulling are now glorious 20 hour days because you didnt do anything for 5 of them.
  • the preserves are taking off, the name has now been changed to Backyard in a Jar and since we have been feverishly been setting up an ETSY store, labels and wholesale pricing because recently...

  • been doing the sales here and there but i did the large LA event called Unique with niecey Nicole.  not only did my store do the eco-lounge furniture for the event, but we were hopin' with mad sales and a lot of interest from the line...not like there wasnt enough to do!
(eco-lounge: furniture by Loll, moving it by me!)

(what do you think about the sign?-a 2am idea)

(family affair: nicole and i shared a booth with my mom on crowd control)

  • changes at the shop have turned into an evolution of sorts. at the beginning, The Road Less Traveled has been a stop for eco-goods with only a few events and times for learning. as the "green/eco" movement has grown, there are now more & more customers who want to learn for themselves beyond buying something at the register. we now have a fully funk-tioning (yes that typo is right) learning space for the community in Orange County and Southern CA to become self-sufficient and learn from those around us. we have a full calendar with a number of classes all across the board!
  • speaking of classes-besides the H-wood market, i now teach preservation at a number of locations in OC, LA and hopefully soon SD (b/c i there isnt enough to do!) 
(doing one of several lectures during April/May-this one @ CSUF's Social Justice Summit)

  • patchwork: the little wine-infused brainchild of Nicole and i has really grown into serious events! totally "to legit to quit" with street closures and Health Departments and "this is a full-time job" feelings and "hey what happened to the wine?" parts. even with the strain, i really look forward to the work and am so blessed for the new friends and opportunity to work with Nicole who is one of the few people i know who can really "bust a move" in creativity and work ethic...can't happen without her-she really is amazing! NOTE: PATCHWORK SANTA ANA IS THIS SUNDAY JUNE 6TH!

  • lastly: i turned 34 on May 5th-little shocked about this (and that i got a few greys- which i ripped off my head thank you!), i still think i am friend Sarah was nice enough to give me a day off so that i could go to Disneyland for my day, which i havent been for more than 15 years (People Mover anyone-yeah, not there!)-PS go on your birthday!
(first things first: go to city hall to get your b-day badge-then everyone says "Happy Birthday" every where you go)

(then you go to the Blue Bayou so you can have lunch)

(the best thing about Disneyland-Dole Pineapple Whips)

(there used to be a great little candy store under here, now cheesy toys with brands)

(Space Mountain: a lot faster than what i remember it to be-lots of drool!)

(the Matterhorn opened up toward the end of the day-love that ride!)

(these girls ROCKED-totally showed us what's up on this ride)

(the mural in back of us was probably one of the best things abut CA Adventure, that and the beer)

so those are my excuses and i am sticking to them!


    Rebel Girl said...

    Terrific report - you remain inspiring.

    14 Hats said...

    Hey Delilah,
    Sorry I missed your event. I really wanted to go... I hope it was a blast! Can't wait to take one of the classes at RLT (are we calling it that yet?)

    -Ashli (that girl with two crazy kids earlier this week!)

    William said...

    LL Cool J's momma told him to knock you out, not Ice Cube's.

    delilah said...

    william-thank you!! i think i was getting confused with "today was a good day"
    ...getting too old too!!