Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ed Begley and....Delilah Snell ????

well kind of.
for the past 3 years, i have had the honor of presenting at the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza. the peeps at the show have really made an effort to show more green-minded people/topics and they have been super great...have to admit-it is pretty cool b/c i think other than Ed Begley, i think we are the only people who are not in the garden/design industry. i must be doing something right, b/c not only did they ask me back-but they want me to do another topic!

this year, i will be doing the following lecture:

Food Preservation-Making Food Last Longer After Harvesting

Delilah Snell, owner of The Road Less Traveled Store, a locally-based certified green business and Master Food Preserver will demonstrate the various methods of making food last longer after harvesting. Learn about the history of food preservation, cultural significance and how it celebrates flavor and tradition. Tasting samples will also be available as well.

if you are not sick of me already, come by (i might be wearing one of those microphone headsets-i hope not!). I will be speaking on Friday, April 23rd from 2:30-3:30.