Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CSA cooking: passion fruit limeade

basket inventory: red chard, big handful of chives, red carrots, celery, sprouts, broccoli, limes, oranges, blood oranges, limes, lemons, lettuce, passion fruit

so at my stint at the Hollywood Farmers' Market, we have come to love this Peruvian booth for amazing breakfasts, but also great juices that for a 24oz cup, costs only $3...i know and it tastes SUPER GOOD! only thing is we can only have it once a month...which leads to making this at home! this is my own take on this yummy drink.

  • passion fruit
  • lime juice
  • water
  • agave nectar
  • ice
passion fruit is best when the fruit is wrinkled, this is when the fruit is sweetest. cut the fruits in half, scoop out the seeds and yummy orange parts and put in a pitcher. add anywhere from the same amount to double the amount of lime juice. add water and sweeten with agave until it is how you like it...add more water if you think it is too strong.
add ice, or we added champs last night for a unique take on the mimosa!


Caitlin said...

I saw this and immediately thought of how good this would taste with champers!!!

cyberob151 said...

Sounds awesome!