Saturday, January 23, 2010

celebrating Ryan and the debut of the bus

("Regulators! Mount up!")
Link(peace, love and the power of the Kombi)

(Andy explaining the philosophy behind of Color Me Mine)

today was the annual celebration of my dear friend Ryan. every year, a group of Ryan's friends gather at the home of his parents where we catch up and celebrate a wonderful person over food, crafts and friends. this very special time is always filled with reconnecting and sharing with people i went to school with-i am thankful that we have remained friends over the years.
(keep working everyone!)

(the best tile of the day-an ode to the labels and logos of our youth)

(all the other tiles-sorry not as good as Maui & Sons!)

(mamacita Dana needed a back rub)

this year was the debut of our new car, a 1973 VW bus, which after a few months in the shop was now ready to roll-perfect timing~! after we decorated tiles and grubbed on ribs and eggrolls (me-yummy strawberries/hummus/cookies/beer), we piled in some of the crew for a little joy ride around big bad Turtle Rock-good times!
(hot-box then Del Taco!)


Rama Nayeri said...

I am glad we have been friends this long and cheers to Ryan.

Adriana said...

That's nice that you do this for Ryan's memory and for his parents. :)

Love the bus, and I even noticed the Our Lady of Guadalupe on the back. Ha! G is such a Catholic at heart.

In the last pic, you guys do look kinda faded.

Victoria said...

OMG I look like I hot boxed in this pic! :)

I am Leisure Man said...

I'm glad I could share in the memorial and The Magic Bus is so awesome. Nice post!