Monday, January 4, 2010

giveaway: Hollywood Market sighting

as seen in past posts, i have a monthly stint at the Hollywood Farmers' Market. well, it also seems that i always see a famous face or 2, or 3, or more. every month i will be posting a clue as to who i saw and the first person to post the answer on this blog will receive a free preserve.

this month's clue:

what younger sibling of this acting duo was seen with his son. The son is one of 2 children he has with the sister of a now deceased famous actor who tragically passed away at the height of his career.
*bonus points if you can name the deceased famous actor.


hk23 said...

Delilah, unfortunately, I don't have a clue who this is, but I LOVE that you are doing this contest! Very cool!

Adriana said...

Ok, famous actor is probably River Phoenix, and his sister is Summer Phoenix is married to Casey Affleck, brother of Ben. :)

I should not even know all of this celeb chisme, but I do.

delilah said...

come by when you get a chance and pick up your prize!
stay tuned...the next contest will be on FEB 8th!