Saturday, January 9, 2010

holiday gifts make an inspring 2010

even though i have been in a slight haze of sickness, soup and LOST, the clearing of my foggy brain is now finally coming to appreciate some of the things i received for the holidays. looking at some of them, i am beginning to realize how they are going to make 2010 pretty productive and inspiring...i am ready for some resolutions!
thinking about the beginning of 2010, i can't help by feel old: 10 years ago i was in Las Vegas, walking my mother down the isle at The Little Chapel of The West...still can't believe that was 10 years ago...i am still crushing on Eric Stolz!
(yeah still into it)

Mary Jane Shelves:
gustavo got me these country-folding shelves that will be so useful when i take my preserves on the road...i have been so inspired by my niece Nicole's adventures in selling her creations..i am going to give a go at it too!
RESOLUTION 1: use my training from last year (MFP program) to do my part in changing my world and hopefully excite people via the tummy!

Fairie Tale Theater:
Please tell me if you are into this Showtime series from the 80's. Shelley Duvall and her friends made this great (albeit DATED) version of Grimms and other tales...i used to watch this with my best friend Dale after going to the video store and spending way too much time trying to figure out which one to take home.
RESOLUTION 2: take the time to remember the good things in life and recreate them.

(my faves: Little Red Ridding Hood and 3 Little Pigs-A MUST)

Cast Iron Pot:
my mother surprised me with this AWESOME red cast iron dutch oven. as i have mentioned i REALLY wanted a large cast iron dutch oven to do some serious cooking (and lifting!)...thank you thank you...already making bread...
RESOLUTION 3: make more food by hand for those you love and really get to know how to cook!

(isn't it pretty!)
this was actually a present to myself, i get cold easily and use that as an excuse to not go out and run like i used to. i miss running.
RESOLUTION 4: stop bitching and run!!!

Marge also got a nice comfy blanket from her sister Sweetpea, she sleeps in it all the time.


Gustavo Arellano said...

Or you can ride a bike...

Adriana said...

Gosh, we are so similar... I too wish that I could whip my butt back into running. I used to be a 3 mile a day kinda girl, but fell out of lapse about 5 years ago. I'm trying to get back into it, but it is so hard. I wished that I never had stopped.

On another note, I love the Dutch oven. I have a blue one, and I got a Le Creuset roaster for Xmas that I have yet to use. All of this really nice cookware will last a lifetime.