Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the weekend: Carolina, persimmons and Hollywood


(hot guys that played gypsy music in Hollywood)
another busy weekend
started off with canning persimmons of the tree of Diego and Arie Velasco...they definitely know how to can!Diego, chef and owner of Memphis restaurants and his uber-fantastic wife/business guru Arie had me over to can persimmons off their tree...i must say that this is how canning should be done!

(micro-basil...was very good!)

over a great selection of wine, foodie treats and much missed conversation this awesome couple (dont forget Arie's grapefruit-vodka concoction,which i will be posting the recipe later), we preserved 2 cases of persimmon jam and pepper jelly from Arie's fathers yard. honestly this alone would make a great night..sitting in a GORGEOUS kitchen with their dog Petunia, listening to music and having a blast. if life were only like this every day..only in my dreams...
my good friend Crystal (urban planner phd and brainiack) joined us and we later went to our friend Carolina's family home to celebrate her birth...
i love going to Carolina's home. this talented and artistic family not only makes some kick-a** pozole, but their home is so rich in color and art-one can't help but feel welcome and inspired. there was plenty of music, laughter and dancing well into the night making me truly understand the some good soup and friends is really all it takes-Happy Birthday Carolina!

(Carolina's family)

(gettin' ready to play)

(powered by pozole)

This past weekend was also my turn at the Hollywood farmers market and alas i did not see Alice Waters :(, but i was able to meet by chance Jen Rogers, of the popular Domestic Divas Blog...we have a lot in common, stay tuned for more!

we also scored pretty big as a result of the cold weather (another thing that can help with deal making at the farmers' market)
(i love these flowers!)

(kevin made us a sweet-potato pie!)

(best deal: $6 jamacian-jerk chx meal and $3 juice from Peruvian booth)

1/2 case shallots and sweet onions-which will be pickled
1 cs kiwi- will be jammed
1 cs poblano pepper- won't be as good as the hatch spread, but i'll try!
1 cs mixed bells- pepper jelly, always a fave
1 flat strawberries-strawberry/jalepeno jam anyone?

guess what i am doing this week?

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It's a Salvadoran booth!