Tuesday, December 8, 2009

affordable art: holiday edition

who said that you needed to decorate your place with tinsel and plastic santas to celebrate the season? why not buy some inspired art instead...it can be up year-round if you want and it looks a lot cooler than most of the things you see at Wal-mart.
Wont, out of NY has adorable posters and cards, but 4 holiday themed ones and frame them in an IKEA number.

Silver Cocoon: makes these AWESOME modern trees that can double as jewelry stand or minimalist sculpture.

Roost: makes these striking basswood deer heads, we actually carry them at the store (kids always ask to pet them!)

Cardboard Safari: has little bit cheaper version of the cardboard deer head and smaller so you can line them up.

Agru: i love this ceramic menorah!

Golly Bard: i adore these watercolors of simplistic nature and growth. nothing says winter like pine cones...i think i might want these, myself!


Rebel Girl said...

Your earlier post on garlands inspired me - I made my own by cutting up old Christmas cards into slim triangles and sewing strings of them...they're lovely and CHEAP.

delilah said...

i love that idea! you must post a photo...maybe i will do a post on what to do with old cards..

Rebel Girl said...

Will do. I usually just recycle the cards into gift tages - cut out rectangles, fold them in half and give Louis a hole puncher - and voila!

But the garlands are great - and sturdy enough to pack away for next year too.