Sunday, March 20, 2011

uber-clean sink

People always ask me at the shop, "what do you clean with?"
(this is it: baking soda, lemon juice, scrubber/old toothbrush, Modern Mermaids, vinegar & dish soap)
i think i have written about this in the past but just recently I was reading the popular LA-based Urban Homestead/DIY living blog Root Simple about sink cleaning.  Normally I have had a stainless steel sink, where I have only used baking soda and water to make a homemade "soft scrub", with a few drops of tea tree for added smelly/antiseptic goodness.
Now that we are in our new apartment Homestead, the sink is a bit older and it is porcelain-you can for sure see a lot more stains! I was inspired by the Root Simple post on the "soft scrub" mix but with lemon-brills! Baking soda combo is great on its own, but with lemon juice-talk about hit of natural bleach power!
(sink before: cute but worn)
 (after: pearly white!)
(look at the stains being lifted by some small elbow grease on my part)

I decided to take this on our new-but-getting-a-beating stove...check-check.
Just wipe with a wet cloth and DONE, so cheap and so simple!


Susie said...

I often take lemons I've squeezed the juice out of and use them alone as scrubbers in the sink. Makes me worry about what lemon juice is taking off of my teeth!

delilah said...

i just did that too with them lemon wedges as scrubbers (we just finished a class at the house and the sink was stained)...kind of gnarly for the teeth!

John said...

Hello all,

Nice post! Once you have cleaned your sink you need to maintain that cleanliness every time you use it. Don't let dishes stack up in the sink. Rinse and put them in the dishwasher each day. Then wipe the sink down with dish soap and a sponge and dry it each night. This should keep your sink clean and sanitary between regular cleanings. Thanks a lot...

Stainless Steel Sink