Thursday, March 17, 2011

Expo West 2011

This past weekend was the big natural products convention Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center.  For 6 years, I have been braving the crowds, getting goodies and seeing lots of new items that will be making their way into you local natural/alt grocery store. Here are the my faves, tips and other things that I have noticed at the show (in addition to some items we will carry in the shop soon)!

  • BEST OF SHOW: the Ecotensil: a biodegradable, foldable spoon that is seriously brilliant...already vendors at EW are using them. Mark my word, you will see this somewhere within the year.
  • mushroom kits: you know i am all about the mushies in the Apartment Homestead...well they are now coming to our shop! In a few weeks you can buy your own mushroom growing kits!! Made from old coffee grounds and in recycled packaging, after you grow you mushies-the whole thing composts!  Give it a few weeks but they will be in the shop very soon.
  • Fentimans: this soda company has FABULOUS "tonics" seville/mandarin orange or burdock/dandelion brews anyone??-very yummy!
  • Dehydrators, yogurt makers and more: found a local carrier of cool dehydrators, soymilk makers and this cool grain/bean cooker...all coming soon!
  • awesome kitchen gear: i found this incredible sponge maker AND we will be getting dehydrators, grain mills and cookers in the next few months-LOVED it!
  • prickly pear juice: LOVED this and uber yummy.
  • Fresh Ginger Ale: had a great talk with owner Bruce Cost who seems to be totally into all things ginger-i want his book!

  • love more culture: there was a great collection of products from Mexico as well as more Korean-grouped booths...lots of global!
  • salts n/ spice: a number of salts of all different flavors (see a fave above) and more spices coming out.
  • probiotics and more cultures: greek yogurt is happening along with kefir...i am sure there is more on the supplement area, but i didnt make it to that area.
  • agave: you are going to see a lot of agave!
  • *NEW* you are kind of an a$$: Giovanni Cosmetics-after watching a staff person give out a number of samples to an exhibitor, I asked if I (a buyer, who is a fan, recommends and buys from) could have a sample of something new or a shampoo (which I now USED TO LOVE). I basically had to give an interview deeming myself a small 2" sample. I left before i could get it. Sorry Giovanni, you just lost a fan-DOUCHES.
and finally, for those who want to go in 2012...

  • if you can, take a taxi to the show, especially if you have a group of people. Meet somewhere where you have free parking or you can even meet at the parking next to our shop, we are SUPER close to the convention. you will save yourself waiting in massive traffic for parking, paying for parking and saving your feet because you will be doing lots of walking! if you split the cab with 3+ people, you spend about $10 round trip, less if you have more people.
  • speaking of walking: this isn't a fashion show, leave the heels at home!
  • the outer part of the convention (the booths against the walls and the first few isles/booths in) is where you will see the "new" people who are just starting out...lots of good stuff here. also....
  • the lower level of the convention: is where you will see all the indie and really new peeps-VERY MUCH worth it.  
 other great finds:
(BEST BOOTH and ATTITUDE: Hugo Naturals )

(local chica Deanna with Simple Peace making a debut)

(at the same booth were this wooden ties)

(zero cal, vegan, gluten-free and shelf stabilized noodles)


Susie said...

I want to go on a diet of those noodles. It really seems "too good to be true." What do you think?!


delilah said...

susie, those noodles are too good to be true-but i think they are legit.
only thing: they have a slightly soggy consistency that kind of grosses me out...gotta mix them with crunchy stuff!