Thursday, September 10, 2009

call me a Pessimist: Opportunity Green

i just received an email today about the upcoming conference for Opportunity Green which is 2 day event that, "emerged to confront this ('business as usual') challenge and bring together the brightest innovators leading the growth of the new green economy."

Guess who are some of the headlining speakers: Clorox, Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson executives.
Am i totally crazy for thinking that the people organizing the event could have chosen different speakers? Yes you may say that Clorox now has their new Green Works cleaning line, but THEY STILL MAKE BLEACH as well as a large number of toxic cleaners that they market right next to the "healthy" products. And don't forget about Johnson and Johnson whose kids products have been cited to contain various carcinogens. Talk about green washing at its finest!

How about supporting and giving a forum to the hundreds of businesses that have paved the way for these conglomerates to start thinking about their customer's health and the environment? The only reason many large businesses/corporations/manufactures even started responding to green consumerism was a result of recalls, health issues and unflattering reports/press from environmental watchdogs/health/parent we are calling them "innovators".
And the topper is that you can go to this event for the small fee of $995.


greenyourclean said...

Good Call!
And it's so sad that they couldn't find others to speak. There are some really great companies out there - making honestly green cleaning products. Check out the rating on for Greenworks. And SC Johnson got into the green cleaning field by buying Mrs. Meyers. Too bad they couldn't have found a "little green company" to speak - I might have paid for that.

delilah said...

thanks for the info on goodguide, will totally check that out.
it scares me to know about how all of these huge corporations are buying up all of the little guys (ie. Clorox and Burts Bees and TONS in the natural food industry). usually the original product is altered (cheaper ingredients used,etc...) after these corps own them.