Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nikki McClure for me!

i got the best gift recently, a little too late (my birthday is in May), but this was definitely worth the wait.
if you have had the chance to stop by my store, you will notice that i have a TON of Nikki McClure artwork. McClure is a Washington State-based artist that does papercuts with an exacto knife. the images are so simple, yet profound...they are a hit here with customers. we have posters, calendars, bags, journals, stickers...whatever i can get my hands on!
gustavo just recently got me an original, straight from Nikki herself! he really did good on this one-definitely makes up for all of the horrible gifts in the past (like getting items from my own store!). PS to guys: do not do this!
(up on the wall-this was made from a single piece of paper!)

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