Friday, January 30, 2009

kelly's backyard-i want!

Kelly is a regular customer of the store, she used to sell at the local farmers' market when it was still going (unfortunately it closed a year ago). she recently came in telling about her new hobby that she was super into: beekeeping.
now i love honey, so was totally into this. she invited me over to her house to check out their operation.
i love kelly's house.
hidden in the middle of Floral park neighborhood is an agricultural oasis. Kelly has 4 chickens, trees a pretty sweet veggie garden (she even had artichokes!) and 3 hives. when i came to say hello, there were 3 women in beekeepers outfits, changing the hives. they call themselves the Backyard Beekeepers!
(i love this picture)(fresh eggs-she gave me some!)(the ladies working the hives)

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