Monday, May 9, 2011

farmers' market contest: May 2011

oh boy do I feel like a i am quack-quack about, "i'm a gonna blog everyday for New's Years resolution-BS" and what do i do?  take a month off here and there...depressing! (cute soundtrack-PLEASE play while continuing to read)

But I will promise this because this past week i turned 35 (on Cinco-DeLilah of course!)...which to me is like a real-time number-that's for some reason a real adult age...I don't feel a day over 28, but who knows, i can't even keep a regular blog schedule.
Back to the promise AND the contest- i need to post a few things this week b/c i told people today @ the Hollywood FM that i would (and other people) so this is what I promise to do this week:

1. post a recipe on how to make preserved lemons
2. post on how to make lemon curd-yes you CAN (but you should eat it fresh)
3. a CSA recipe
4. what the funk i have been up to and why i haven't been posting...

as for the contest: be the first to post on this blog and win (i will ship if you are not in the area) 1 VEDA salt (organic celery salt) and one Citron Pepper package (great on good ole bagels and cream cheese).


This actress, was once on a BIG TV (in the past 5 years) show and pretty hilarious movie. Known as a B-, but i could not tell, she was super sweet as she came up to me probably enjoying Mother's Day in peace (not really, i guess there where like 3 people taking pictures). Despite all of this, she asked me about trying the lemon curd-it had been sitting out for hours, so i said, "hells no!"...after offering a recipe she said she had one at home-she was making it later that day (laughing sweetly)...pretty nice if you ask me!


Morgas said...

Hi Delilah and happy belated B-day! :D

Was it Katherine Heigl?

delilah said...

well that didnt take long!