Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY canning rack: what to do with leftover canning rings

As an avid food preserver, one thing I always end up with is a boat-load of canning rings-I usually have a bag of them somewhere in the house or in the root cellar. Of course I use them, but it seems like there are always more than I started with, kind of like the sock getting lost in the dryer deal except I end up 3 socks instead of 1.
(part of our class on Sunday-WORK it chicas!)

I have been trying to figure out what to do with the extras. For sure I am thinking of a window display and a few other projects (which I will for sure post about), but one was the perfect solution to a dilemma in this past weekend's canning class-a canning rack!
The traditional rack, one that you might acquire when purchasing a canning package looks like this:
Yes it works, but if you happen to use the cute little 4oz jars like I do you will realize that the rings in the rack are WAY to big and the jars just fall out making the rack pointless. There are newer versions of racks that solve this problem like this one below:
I happen to have 3 old-school racks and 1 new-school and occasionally there has been a situation where we have to process 2 canners at one time (and they happen to all be the cute little jar dudes). What do you do?? Whip out those leftover canning rings!

DIY canning rack:
You'll need 8-10 canning rings (just depends on how big the pot is) and 10-15 twisty ties or rubber bands.
Lay them out tops up and arrange them in the best possible way that allows you to fit as many in the pot as possible without curling up. Fasten the twisty-deal or rubber band until they are snug.  Fit into the pot and slowly add your jars in with a jar holder so that they balance on the rings...proceed with canning!
NOTE: make sure that you remove the ties and dry the rings after, the bands will break from the heat and the ties/metal of the rings will rust and now you have rusty rings-and I have no idea what to do with those!
(thank you ma'am)
(PS: this jam turned out BEYOND INCREDIBLE already sourcing to sell!!)


A.G. said...

That jam LOOKS incredible! What was it?

heatherredshoes said...

Thank you so much! I've been looking for a rack for an odd-sized pot. You saved me!