Monday, December 6, 2010

affordable art: blue bicicletta

do you love??
yes i do.

I adore these pieces from Davis, CA artist Nicole Docimo, all in black & white. so clean and simple....they remind me of papercuts that i love so much too.  and as we all know, black & white goes with just about any decor and color scheme too-perfect!
Originals cost around 150 (a deal!), and you can get small and large prints for under 25....but there are also cards (last picture) and these ADORABLE pins that would be cute on a blazer or on your laptop bag.

Blue Bicicletta has prints that focus on the geometric patterns, fun images matched with meaningful phrases and nature (line the food/veggie series)...but there are also a few of these anatomy-type images, like the one below that i really love...maybe it is the biology chica in me.

Don't worry, all this will be coming soon to The Road Less Traveled!!!! we have the pins, holiday cards, posters and even bags that say, "eat well and slowly"-LOVE!!!

You can read about Nicole and Blue Bicicletta  on her blog, where you can see new images and inspiration. 

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