Sunday, October 3, 2010

farmers' market sighting contest: october 2010

it has been a few months since i have been able to work the MFP table in Hollywood-i miss being there.
fellow MFP, Ernie is now the chef @ the farmer's kitchen-congrats and so well deserved!! in just one week, he has already been bustin' out preserves and new menu items (like awesome enchiladas).

this weekend, right when i came in a happened to pass Alice Waters leaving the market, i had to do a double-take because i wasnt so sure that it was really her-she always seems to visit h-wood when in town.
but this weekend i happened to see 2 actors at the market: one right after Alice and one at the end when i was shopping with friends - both already mentioned here in this blog before.  correct answers get a jar of Bloody Mary mix strait from the market-i can ship for those who can't make it to the shop!!

ACTOR 1: married with child(ren), was seen looking for hot food-his recent film, despite over a year build up (or is it a "performance piece"), was/is a dud.  hopefully his brother's film, just out now is a hit.

ACTOR 2: total shocker that i saw him-yes i know he is no longer taping with this HIT TV show in Hawaii anymore, but i was still surprised that i saw him. and yes he is a very, "dark" hot piece BTW.


Karen Klemens said...

Casey Affleck is actor #1

April in Autumn said...

Casey Affleck and Terry O'Quinn?

April in Autumn said...

Ooh, wait. I didn't see the "hot piece" comment before. Hmm... maybe Naveen Andrews?

delilah said...

karen got the casey affleck, but you very close for the other (terry o'quinn is VERY VERY close).
Naveen is certainly a hot piece tho-in fact there are quite a few on LOST!

April in Autumn said...

Titus Welliver?

delilah said...

YES! he was on Deadwood too...super hot!